Turn Down the Volume

Well, I have finally done it. Set up a website for all this info in my head. After the last 5 years of being in the bubble with my son, learning, experiencing and understanding what psychosis is, I now know, if we turn down the volume, he will be able to communicate.

This website and blog is to encourage other parents to learn and work together to truly bring change in a safe environment.. A place where we can share experiences that will help us all understand we are not alone.

Beginning with the end in mind. I see my son in a loving empathic relationship with a beautiful women who will truly bring out the best in his world. I see him with a family and playing with his children. I see his career in supporting others who live in fear. Working backwards, for this to all occur, will require me to stay focused on the quest to secure the compound combination that will bring the right balance to his gut/brain connection. GOAL Turn Down the Volume of his voices.

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