The 1%'ers!

I have heard this term many times in my life time. Everytime meaning something a little different. However the core is always the same. Only a few, rare cases, unique and different, the special ones....

My first experience in the outside world of a 1%'ers was in the biker world. I love riding my Harley. That meant I would see and experience the difference personalities in the biker world. Huge education in respect and kindness, from how you park your bike to greetings to how you hug. I began seeing the different clubs and communities of bikers as we rode the open road.. Their vest, jackets and patches all had special and sometimes unspoken significance and meanings. My innocence and curiosity, as well as my thirst for knowledge, and I LOVE to meet new people, led me to ask questions of all the meanings behind the uniforms..

1% in the biker world came with

a fearful connotation and mystery. I soon learned that those 1%'ers had killed someone. Mostly they were war veterans. Which eased the fear and mystery for me.

As I began to put a fraction of my past experiences and knowledge into some semblance of order, I felt I was in a unique lonely place.

You see, when your child has a sudden mysterious outward functional behavior (autism, bipolar, schizophrenia, ADHD, depression, confusion, or any other atypical neuro lable) fear and mystery are an overwhelming emotion. I became a MOM ON A MISSION to continuously reach out and learn, absorb, experience as much as I can about brain health and belief systems around the world. What if my son is just in the wrong belief system for how he is processing his life and environment?

I refused to give my son a cause or a lable. It was like a continuous viral bombardment from the outside world, What's his problem? What's his diagnosis? How did that happen? Ect... I am holding strong with a more integrative way of communicating. Now, I can teach others who's mind is open to learning new beliefs.

As I journeyed and navigated this healthcare/mental health western medicine system, the more I realized NO ONE knows. They are all guessing. The trick is to find the community or communities that are continually opening new avenues of BRAIN HEALTH understand.

My son is in the 1% they told me. I said 1% of what? Only 1% of the global population has schizophrenia they said.


What does that mean to you? I asked. They, every western med doctor I talk too, said....

Hallucinations Voices Extreme Depression Refusal to eat or sleep and more...


YEP that fit my son. Only 1% have this GIFT! In my studies and experiences around the world, when a community brother has this GIFT, they are worshipped like a GOD.

The gift to be able to see into past generations. The gift to hear ancestral teachers. What if this 1% is looking for the right physical belief system in which to exist?

On a more surface level, we all have voices, hallucinations (Dreams) ancestral communications (dejavue). We have a conscious regulation of the volume and slide show that plays in our head... HOW are we able to regulate?

In previous blogs and in some upcoming blogs, I will throw out some discussion points on GUT solutions to OPTIMAL BRAIN HEALTH!

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