It's in our Genes! Pt1

Let me just start by saying, God put me on a path of Natural Curiosity of the world around us including nature and the human existence. I was that kid that brought frogs and lizards home and was completely dirty from head to toe almost everyday. Exploring creeks running through the woods across pastures was a daily event.

My university studies we're always drawn to the biology to the anatomy and physiology to the chemistry of life. My first degree was in kinesiology, physics of human motion, with a minor in biology. I went on to teach as I found that was the best creative pathway for me to design a better understanding for myself and for others.

Jumping fast forward to 2010. I was 11 years into a nonprofit that was doing amazing things for kids with atypical neurology. We were doing Equine Therapy and lots of other physical therapy activities to help bring forth the healing of functional behaviors. We had dabbled in nutrition and gut health when I met a doctor on a plane who was in a clinical trial for an epigenetic product that regulated mitochondrial function. It was using three plant extracts that when put on the human genome turned on and regulated the 52 genes of the single little organelle that controls our life on earth.

This doctor also brought a Nobel technology called a Ramen Resonance Spectroscopy that would measure carotenoid antioxidant cell protection saturation in living tissue in real-time non-invasive. Now we were armed and ready to give our clients something more than just guessing with a pony ride.

We began measuring all of the families including the clients and started to correlate functional behaviors around how well they were absorbing cell protection compounds. We recruited more biodevice operators around the country and the world and started collecting data on atypical neurology individuals and functional behaviors in relation to absorption.

We reached out to the company and the scientist who developed the first epigenetic mitocondrial function product and put together a protocol for all brains, through the gut.

By 2012, we were seeing tremendous increase in daily functional behaviors. Long story short we ended up presenting our research around the world. We created the fabulous 5 products that increased optimal absorption for supporting healthy brains.

In part 2, I'll go through each of the five and detail of why and how it supports optimal brain health.

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