WHOListic Brain Health Village

Bringing HOPE through INNOVATION


This Village is the brainchild of Kim Russell, MEd. She spent 15 years teaching Biology/Biochemistry and 10 years as a Principal.  It was that 25 years of watching functional behavior in developing children, that led her in 1999 to establish a Charity, Morning Glory Ranch Outdoor Education & Equine Therapy. 

Throughout those first 15 years, 1999-2015, she created and discovered many nutritional (gut) and brain health protocols that supported a WHOListic increase in functional behavior outcomes.  Giving families HOPE and a greater sense of neurological understanding. 

In the last 5 years, 2015-2020, Kim has focused solely on saving her son's life.  Her son suffered multiple undiagnosed concussions from football, while he complicated the issue trying to self medicate.  All ending in a psychological storm leading to a brain shutdown.  This site and our Facebook group are designed to build communities to share innovations and educate all on Functional Brain Health.

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